CPS 1000

CPS-1000 (1998)

Type: Compact CPS Blaster Use: Primary
Range: 9/10 Endurance: 8/10 Nozzle: 5x
Ease of Use: 8.5/10 Retail Price USD (1998): $19.99
Pressurizes Via: CPS Pressure Chamber
Capacity: 67oz (1.98L) Weight Full: 7 lbs

Image Note: The pump on this blaster is not original, it is an old XP-110 pump

The CPS-1000 is one of the most popular Super Soakers among water warriors. Personally, it is my second favorite Super Soaker ever released. The CPS-1000 boasts excellent range, and great power from its 5x nozzle. The design is sleek and has no silly plastic flare that could make the weapon cumbersome. It is also very easy and comfortable to use, which is important for serious water battles. The paint job is on the dark side compared to the 2000 line of blasters, making it blend in better at night. Even though it may be relatively small for a CPS class blaster, it definitely kicks major ass. It is only the size of an XP-110 but packs power never imagined in pre-CPS days. When firing this blaster you get a satisfying kick back sensation. It has a decent sized reservoir and doesn't require many pumps to fully pressurize compared to most other CPS class blasters. The pump itself is sturdy enough but don't leave it extended too long, one slip and you will shatter the pump. My personal CPS-1000 suffered from a pump failure, I don't remember why. I had to take the pump out of a failing XP-110 and they proved interchangeable. Like every other CPS, the 1000's strap has a tendency to fall off in the middle of battle. However, since the CPS-1000 is rather light weight, most older users won't need to use it. Refilling the CPS is a pleasure thanks to its convenient handle and tethered cap. Just try to use your shots wisely and the CPS-1000 is the perfect CPS weapon without the notorious CPS weight. Reusing this blaster in 2011 I was very impressed by the power to size ratio. I don't think any blaster combines compactness and power the way the CPS-1000 does.

Fighting with the CPS-1000
You can hold your ground in most major confrontations just be careful of sneaks with weapons that require no pumping (ie Splashzooka, PowerPak) when you need to pump they will take advantage.

Fighting against the CPS-1000
Dont go near this blaster unless you're packing a heavy CPS or a PowerPak. Only attempt to use the Splashzooka if you are experienced with it.

Pros: Great power and range in a small package.
Cons: Could use a bigger reservoir.
Rating: 9/10
Review Updated: July 2011, Edited May 2020

Generation II CPS Blaster
Preceded By: N/A
Succeeded By: CPS-1200
Patent: RE35412 & 5339987
Item Number: 9790-0
© 1997 Larami Limited

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