CPS 1200

CPS-1200 (2000)

Type: Compact CPS Blaster Use: Primary
Range: 9/10 Endurance: 9/10 Nozzle: 5x
Ease of Use: 8.5/10 Retail Price (2000): $19.99 USD
Pressurizes Via: CPS Pressure Chamber

The CPS-1200 is the year 2000 replacement for the CPS-1000, and in 2002 it was replaced by the CPS-2100. The first year of its release it was painted yellow and purple. This color scheme met a considerable amount of derision from the online community, and led me to spray paint my CPS-1200. The next year it was released in silver and purple instead, a much better paint scheme for night water battles. Perhaps Larami listened to their loyal customers, maybe it was a coincidence.

Compared to the CPS-1000, this blaster has a larger capacity but the CPS-1000 does seem to have a more potent stream of water. The CPS-1200 doesn't need too many pumps to charge compared to other CPS blasters, but is about equal to the CPS-1000. It has a nice firm handle for refills also. This blaster is light and very easy to use for a CPS and a lot of people can probably easily use it without a strap. For these reasons the CPS-1200 is a great water blaster for inexperienced users who still want a powerful water blaster. The 1200's Build quality feels very sturdy, and it seems to have a sturdy pump. Mine operates just fine after over 10 years of use. Overall this Super Soaker has a nice feel to it, and can hold its own in most major confrontations. The experienced CPS-1200 user is agile enough to target heavy blaster users, and powerful enough to overpower XP and Max-D users.

Pros: Powerful, great range, and well built.
?CPS-1200? Cons: The color scheme of the 2000 model is super lame.
Rating: 9/10

Generation III CPS Blaster
Preceded By: CPS-1000
Succeeded By: CPS-2100
?CPS-1200? Item Number: 3120-0
© 1999 Larami Ltd.
Patents: RE35412, 5339987, 5758800, 5779101

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