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When the Super Soaker Defender first appeared I was pleased. To me it appeared Hasbro had finally released a Super Soaker that went back to the basics. Sure it looked nothing like an XP or even a Max-D. But it looked like something that you could haul into battle if you happened to lack the Super Soakers of yesteryear. Even the name was cool, The Defender. Surely this could not be a bad Super Soaker, perhaps even a good one.

Alas, I was wrong. The Super Soaker Defender is embarrassing and does not deserve to be called a Super Soaker. The pump is the worst pump I have EVER seen on a Super Soaker. I would rather pump a CPS-2700 (which I thought was the worst designed/placed pump ever) then pump this Super Soaker. It takes only about nine pumps to fully charge the Defender, the pumps are agonizing because the pump is so small I have to hold the entire thing in my fist. The pump feels like it is going to snap right off when I pump it. I do not see how this Super Soaker would last in any serious water engagement. The shot time at peak power is below three seconds. The range is average. The stream of water seems fairly potent and and thicker then a XP-70. This blasters capacity is lacking and in about three full charges I already felt it was time for a refill. This would not be such a poor weapon if the pump was not so terrible. This blaster does use a separate firing chamber, but I feel I would be better off with a Max-D 5000. Overall this blaster is capable of dealing with small XP rifles and nothing more. I would rather use a Super Soaker 100 then a Super Soaker Defender.

The Defender can be hooked up to the Max Infusion System, a fanny pack that carries an additional 50ozs of water.

Overall Rating:5/10