monster 2001

Monster (2001)

Type: Medium C.P.S. Blaster Use: Primary Blaster
Range: 7/10 Endurance: 8.5/10 Nozzle: 2.5x, 4x, 8x, fan
Ease of Use: 6.5/10 Retail Price USD (2001): $29.99
Pressurizes Via: CPS Firing Chamber

I bought my Monster in February 2001 after searching three stores, I remember paying about $30.00. I had three initial thoughts after that first test while snow still occupied part of the ground. I found the nozzle very hard to adjust, and you would really have to get the feel of the blaster to be able to click the correct nozzle into place easily. This means that the Monster is not ideal to give to a water war amateur. In terms of build and design, the tracked pump area seemed flimsy. This was a disappointment, since pump snaps on CPS-1500/1700 blasters were a real concern, and this did not seem to abate my fears of pump failure. I also found the grip difficult to get used to, and it seemed to cause my wrist some consternation. The reservoir capacity is another weakness of this Super Soaker, it has a reservoir the size of a CPS-1200, however it has a nozzle 3.5x more powerful, which means this blaster can quickly deplete the reservoir.

Having said all that, this blaster does have admirable features as well. It does have myriad nozzles, despite my above statement about the difficulty in adjusting them into the right place. The nozzles are rated 2.5x, 4x, 8.5x, and a fan blast. The pressure chamber is fairly large, and it can remain firing on 2.5x for a good amount of time. The ability to use a QFD with this blaster is great, and can fill the Monster almost instantly. This makes the Monster a worthwhile Super Soaker if you plan on being near a hose for most of a battle. All in all, this would have been a better CPS class blaster wedged between the CPS-1200 and CPS-1700, instead of being classed a Monster. It does not live up to that reputation. The little catalog that came with Super Soakers of that model year showed younger children using this blaster, which indicates this was a marketing move, since little children could not easily wield a Monster X or XL. In 2002, the CPS-4100 was released, and the Monster was retired. The CPS-4100 was basically a re-colored Monster with the QFD ability deleted. So it seems that Larami/Hasbro agreed with me that the Monster 2001 deserved to be in the CPS class, not the Monster class.

Fighting against the Monster: Your best defense is over powering it, with a good 10x shot. The Monster's range is also a little less then normal use all this to your advantage. An inexperienced user will fumble when trying to change nozzle settings, that is an ideal time to attack.

Pros: Lots of nozzles, QFD capability
Cons:Flimsy pump track, small reservoir, hard nozzles to change, unbearable handle
Rating: 7/10
Review Last Updated: JUNE 2012

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