monster x

Monster X (2000)

Type: Heavy C.P.S. Blaster Use: Primary Blaster
Range: 7/10 Endurance: 9/10 Nozzle: 3x, 5x, 8.5x, 11x, 3 spray
Ease of Use: 6/10 Retail Price USD (2001): $39.99
Pressurizes Via: CPS Firing Chamber

Before we begin a review it is important to note that when the Monster X was first released in 2000, it was simply known as the ?Monster.? The X did not come until 2001. In 2002 the Monster X was re-colored, and was still on sale as late as 2003. Without a doubt, the Monster X is one of the most intimidating Super Soakers ever designed. It has a very long body, making it appear very large and powerful, and is sure to make an attacker of a Monster X user think twice before making a direct charge.

The Monster X has six nozzles, but they are fairly difficult to turn into place. This means that an inexperienced Monster X user may have to actually look at the nozzle to make sure it is in place. I find myself having to do this if I haven?t used the blaster in a while. Because of this, I would not recommend letting someone use the Monster X for a battle that has not practiced with it. The six nozzles are rated 5x, 8.5x, 11.5x, riot blast, fan blast, and shower head. The 5x is good for trying to conserve water, and the 8.5x is probably the best balance between conservation and drenching power. The 11.5x depletes the pressure chamber rather quickly, so make sure you are going to get a direct hit on your opponent. The riot blast is a personal favorite and seems to not use too much water in the pressure chamber. The shower head nozzle is a good when you are in very close quarters, and the fan blast is not particularly useful at all. Unfortunately, it lacks a 20x nozzle, but I suppose it would deplete the pressure chamber too quickly anyway. The pressure chamber on this blaster could be a little bigger, but the good news is that this Super Soaker does not weigh as much full as I thought it would. It takes a good amount of pumps to fully charge this blaster, making the ability to use a QFD particularly useful. It is constructed very well, and mine still operates perfectly after over 10 years of service in my collection. The Monster X was not cheap ($39.99) when I purchased it in 2000 while still called The Monster, and I imagine they command a steep price on E-Bay these days. Because of the high price because of the Monster label and the overall cumbersomeness of such a large blaster (especially changing nozzles), I don?t think it is worth paying a high price for this. If you can find one cheap, or still have one from years ago, it makes a good blaster for skilled heavy weapons officer.

Fighting against the Monster X: Your best defense is overwhelming it, with a good 2-3 people. Another useful tactic against an amateur Monster X user is to get them to change nozzles. The Monster X also needs a colossal amount of pumps, so try to fire on the user while they are pumping.

Pros:Lots of nozzles, SC capability, intimidation factor, solid construction
Cons:lots of pumping, short shot times, no 20x, hard to change nozzles

The Monster X 2002 Edition

Generation One Monster
Preceded By: N/A
Succeeded By: N/A
US Patent: Pending
© 1999 Larami Limited
Item Number: 9982-0

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