monster xl

Monster XL (2000)

Type: Super Heavy C.P.S. Blaster Use: Artillery Support
Range: 7/10 Endurance: 9/10 Nozzle: see below
Ease of Use: 4/10 Retail Price USD (2000): $49.99
Pressurizes Via: CPS Firing Chamber

The Monster XL was released in the year 2000 and is the largest Super Soaker ever designed. This behemoth of a Super Soaker weighs more than a CPS-1200 when it?s empty. When it was released I had no intention of purchasing one, but I relented eventually. The Monster XL is so large that it makes the Monster X appear small. However, the best part of this Super Soaker may be the intimidation factor. Numerous reasons make the Monster XL an impractical blaster unless you intend to use it as a stationary blaster right next to a hose with a QFD. The Monster XL has a bipod that is useful for firing from a position of cover (think World War II machine gun nest). Like all Super Chargeable blasters a QFD is included with purchase.

The first thing one may notice about the Monster XL is its plethora of nozzles. The Monster XL boasts two 5x, 8.5x, 11.5x, a riot blast like nozzle, a shower nozzle (just one), and a criss-cross like nozzle. There is only one shower head nozzle because Larami included an ?off? blank nozzle. This allows the user to just shoot from one nozzle if water conservation is an issue. For a look at the nozzles see the image below.

Using the Monster XL without a QFD device is not easy. It takes over 40 pumps to fully pressurize the Monster XL. No matter what nozzle you select you will run through your pressure fairly quickly, like most CPS blasters. You will soon once again be confronted with having to pump 40 more times unless you fire very quick bursts. Regardless, I am not impressed with the capacity of the pressure chamber or the screw-on cap reservoir. After three full charges I found myself low on water.

Carrying around the Monster XL is cumbersome to say the least. This blaster is very large and the short shot times and long pumps means a pumping Monster XL user is a sitting target. Although you may look very bad-ass showing up at a water fight with a Monster XL you may ultimately regret your selection. I would much rather use a medium sized CPS blaster. The best use of a Monster XL would be to guard your refill station by keeping it deployed with the bipod. Although a direct hit from a Monster XL delivers a huge blast of water a user can easily be overwhelmed by more maneuverable small and mid-sized CPS users.

In 2002 the Monster XL returned albeit stubbier. It looks like the size of the nozzles and the reservoir was slightly reduced. Aqua-Zone owns the 2000 model. The Monster XL has been long discontinued and when on E-Bay easily fetch over $100.

Fighting against the Monster XL: This is an easier task than it seems. Just get your opponent to fire the blaster and miss his/her shot. While the MXL user is pumping you will have plenty of time to get some shots in.

Pros: Lots of nozzles, SC Capability, Intimidating
Cons: Lots of pumping, no 20x nozzle, very heavy
Rating: 6.5/10 (reduced from initial 8.5)
Review Updated: July 2011

Monster XL
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Succeeded By: 2002 Monster XL (size change)
Item Number: 9983-0
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