SC 400

Super Charger 400 (1999, 2000)

Type: Small S.C. Blaster Use: Side-arm
Range: 6/10 Endurance: 8/10 Nozzle: 3x
Ease of Use: 9/10 Retail Price USD (1999): $9.99
Pressurizes Via: Reservoir
Capacity: 24 1/4 oz (717mL) Weight Full: 2.75 lbs

The Super Charger 400 was part of the debut lineup of Super Charger Super Soakers released in 1999. Initially sporting a beige body with a bluish-green reservoir, it was re-colored in 2000 to a yellow body with a dark blue reservoir. The Super Charger 400 enjoyed a longer production run than the SC-500 or SC-600, and remained available in stores through 2001. I have owned three SC-400s over the years; my 1999 model broke in April 2000. I thought I had sold one of them, but apparently I did not, and I still own two of the year 2000 ones.

The Super Charger 400 has always been my personal back-up blaster of choice, especially before the Max-D 4000 was available. It seems to be built fairly well, has Super Charger capability and it fired a fairly potent stream of water for a blaster in the small size range. The SC-400 only uses pressurized reservoir technology, and there are reports that screwing on the reservoir too hard could cause a breakage. Because of the lack of a separate firing chamber the SC-400 requires plenty of pumping. However, this blaster shines when it comes to output. I would rate the SC-400 nozzle at about 3x, and I have always been very satisfied by its firing power considering the small size and lack of a firing chamber. I still recommend the SC-400 as a good choice of backup if a Max-D of the same size is not available.

Fighting with the SC-400: You're good against some lower XP's and Classics because you have a larger nozzle compared to the average blaster of that size, also good for quick sneak attacks when you need a small blaster with a big nozzle.

Fighting against the SC-400: It takes a long time to pump and can be easily outclassed by any blaster with a separate firing chamber.

Pros: Large nozzle, light weight
Cons:Bright colors (2000 version), can't be fired directly up

Generation One Super Charger
Preceded By: N/A
Succeeded By: N/A
US Patent: Pending
© 1998 Larami Limited
Item Number: 9960-0

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